Mar 3, 2022

I do love to spin Jacob wool.  

For me, it is one of those comfort activities.  Jacob just makes me feel good.  A fire in the wood stove, a cup of Hot Chocolate, and some Carded Jacob is my idea of a relaxing way to spend the day! The fiber is springy, not TOO kinky, and drafts easily.  It is the kind of fleece that will please the beginner, all the way through to the seasoned veteran. The yarn you get will make super outerwear, socks, shawls, and a spectacular blanket (that’s my…

Feb 14, 2022


Unspun fiber lives a life of grand anticipation. “what will I become? 2-ply, thick-n-thin, navajo 3-ply, cabled, what what???” you can almost see it wiggling in its various containers “pick me, pick me”. The spinner needs to keep the fiber at bay for a while, get to know it, dream about it, think of how to use the finished yarn. One doesn’t just grab the fiber, sit down to a spinning wheel and start spinning — then you are at the mercy of caprice! With some fibers, one…

Feb 12, 2022

I love this Munson Mystery wool.
It is lumpy, bumpy, springy.
The gray color dances between
dark and light.

It is sometimes soft,
sometimes crunchy.
It comes to life in the fabric.

It came to me in a black plastic bag.
I sorted it on a Fall day
in my front yard.

Sorting and picking.…

Feb 5, 2022


Sitting at my simple loom
on a cold Winter morning.

I had forgotten that warm is
a hand-made wool sweater and shawl.

The wood stove cheerily burns,
it's yellow orange flames dancing.

Simple weaving
has a quiet sound
and a slower pace.

I can hear the reed move through the wool.…